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1. Protect Your Children

Name who will raise your children if you were to die while they are still a minor.

2. Protect Your Assets from Taxation

Eliminate or minimize estate and gift taxation and protect your retirement assets from unneeded income taxation.

3. Handle Treatment of Children in Blended Families

Protect children from different marriages by making sure they are treated according to your wishes.

4. Provide Direction for General and Right to Die Medical Decisions

Help your family give you the care you would want when you cannot make health care decisions for yourself.

5. Avoid Court Interference in Your Financial Affairs
Avoid having the courts select a person to manage your affairs if you were to become incompetent or disabled.

6. Avoid High Costs of Probate

Avoid having your estate subjected to unneeded probate fees and making your final choices public.

7. Provide Asset Protection and Keep Property in the Family

Protect assets from outside creditors and avoid having your hard earned assets go to your child’s spouse if your child were to pass away prematurely or divorce.

8. Provide for Children with Special Needs

Provide for children with special needs without disqualifying them for government benefits.

9. Provide Financial Security

Help maintain your family’s current standard of living through life insurance and other financial planning.

10. Leave a Legacy

Show friends and family the causes or programs that you care about through a monetary gift.